• Kropotkin's Memoirs of a Revolutionist is translated into Hebrew by Menham Poznanski.

  • Here is a list of anarchist books in Hebrew or published in Israel.

  • Abba Gordin (1887-1964) was a Jewish Anarchist who was very active in the Russian Revolution and later settled in Israel. In 1940, he wrote a critique of communism entitled Communism Unmasked.

  • Martin Buber, considered by some a religious anarchist wrote Paths in Utopia in 1949. This book advocated the Kibbutz and included chapters on Proudhon, Kropotkin and Gustav Landauer.

  • IN 1975, Buber Press (New York) published a book by J. E. Cohen entitled, Anarchism and Libertarian Socialism in Israel: A study of Anti-Statist Movements.

  • In the 1980s, Josef Luden produced Problemen, an anarchist magazine of a Kropotkinist bent in Yiddish.(or maybe Hebrew)

  • Palestine:Legacy of Conquestby Lynne Clive, appeared in the Spring 1988 issue of the Detroit anarchist quarterly, Fifth Estate.

  • The Future of a Rebellion: Palestine from the French journal Le Brise-Glace was translated by Lorraine Perlman for the Winter 1988-9 issue of Fifth Estate.

  • For information on human rights groups in Palestine, here is a guide at Birzeit University. Another page is at amhaaretz.

  • In 1992, Cambridge University Press published Philosophical Anarchism and Political Disobedience by Chaim Gans of Tel Aviv University's faculty of law.

  • Two Local Warsby the Situationist International (Paris, 1967)

  • Here is a letter I received from Israel in response to the above artice by the SI,Two Local Wars.

  • Social Revolution in the East Mediteranean is the an anarchist webpage maintained by Ilan Shalif in Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • IsraHELL is the webpage of some punks in Tel Aviv.
    "Punk-rock anarchism and anarchist punk-rock, or fighting the culture of violence with violent culture. A small group of like-minded youngsters (well, sort of), trying to create their own space by organizing DIY gigs (mostly political benefits), spreading their zine, leaflets and flyers, radicalizing left-wing demos and basically just holding on in this big military camp. If... you wanna ask something about Israeli punk, anarchism, etc. -- we are the ones to ask..." IsraHELL also produce the Hebrew language magazine, War of Words.

  • Anonymous Infoshop is an Animal-rights organization. Its small infoshop located in 48a Ben-Yehuda Street, Tel Aviv is almost constantly populated (if not dominated) by Anarchists and punks. There you can find out about upcoming gigs, demos and other activities concerning Animal and Human rights. Their address is POBox 6315, Tel-Aviv 61062, Israel.

  • Incidents Publishing is "an underground publishing collective who's goals are to break the big blood-sucking publishing companies' monopoly, to bring the prices of our literature to the minimum possible and to make way for new artists and creators so they can,too, publish their works. We publish all sorts of things, and we strongly support the anti-copyright ideal and attitude." Their POBox is shared with IsraHELL: POB 6579, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

  • Yonatan Polak produces an anarchist magazine Angriculture, which can be reached at 10 Elazar Street, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

  • Essence magazine is produced by Avi Pitshon. It "covers aspects of art, anarchism and counter-culture, and is published as a supplement to various projects-- be it a concert, an exhibition or a party!" Avi is also part of the music group "Nisrefet". (Her Burning) Essence can be reached at 27 Borohov Street, Ra'anana, Israel.

  • Santiago and Frederico Gomez have produced the "Anarchist/Libertarian" magazine Nekrophilia Lanoar in Hebrew. They have also been part of the music group, Nekhei Naatza, addressing "regional sociopolitical and cultural issues from a sane anti-authoritarian perspective." They are also involved with Tel-Aviv's "Awakening Center" (at 5 Nahalat-Binyamin Street) which "aims to initiate and assist activities and projects for Social and Ecological change, with an emphasis on Arab-Jewish relationships, alternative culture and grassroots community action." Frederico and Santiago may be reached at Kibbutz Lehavot Habashan, DNGE-12125, Israel.

  • Other political music groups include :
    • Oi Va'avoi in Kiriat Ono. "anarchopunk band... deals with racism, animal rights and with the political situation in Israel, supporters of the anarchist movement of Israel."
    • Purgatory in Kiron. "anti-animal abuse... anti-police, libertarian, half-anarchist. Some are also active in punk and anarchist political scene.
    • Dictatorshit in Tirat-Hacarmel. "Political hardcore. Dealing mostly with the politics of daily life."
    • Mefageret in Yehud. "Angry HC/ reggae dedicated to the liberation of Israel from it's suffocating Zionist Culture and racist Jewish heritage."

  • The Other Israel is the magazine produced by Adam Keller, who refused service in the defense forces. In 1982, 2000 Israeli soldiers joined Yesh Gvul's declaration not to serve in Lebanon and some 200 served prison sentences. Say It with Paint is an article by them on the current situation.

  • In 1994, a group called The Anarchist Movement of Israel existed at POBox 6023, Tel-Aviv 61060, Israel. "We're a group of young Israeli anarchists, network of anarchists in different areas of Israel. Involved in topics such as animal/ human rights, support Palestinian struggle, ecology, etc."

  • Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004
    Today, six Israeli activists of "Anarchists Against Fences" were detained for opening a barrier which effectively strangled the Palestinian vllage of Bezariya. The six had been among several dozen Israeli and international activists which arrived at the spot this morning.
    Together with the Palestinian villagers, the activists swiftly removed two mounds of earth which the army had piled up and which blocked the villagers' access to both Nablus and Tulkarem.
    Apparently the army and police were caught napping, and there was no sign of them as the intersection was cleared and the villagers enabled to travel freely for the first time in months. But on their way back, the activists' bus was boarded by plaincloths policemen, who took everybody's I.D's and/or passports, and photographed everybody in the bus. At first, all passengers were told that they were under detention. Later, the police selected six who were evidently considered "ringleaders" who were taken off to the Ariel Police Station, where they are still held at present. Untiring human rights lawyer Gabi Laski took up their case.
    For more details as well as photos and video footage: or call +972-54-6327736/+972-54-5333364/+972-67-981647/+972-3-5283767
  • march 2008: a report from anarchists in Jordan.

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