"Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpetings, and farwells him with hootings, only to welcome another with trumpetings again."
-- Kahlil Gibran, The Garden of the Prophet, 1934.

  • ca. 1878-1879. Errico Malatesta is detained by the Italian Consul in Beirut after being expelled from Egypt. He requests permission to go to Cyprus but is denied on account that he might find a sympathetic friend among the English there. He is granted permission instead to go to Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey. However, after being re-joined by his fellow fugitive, Alvino, from Jaffa, they take the French ship "La Provence", which delivers Malatesta safely in Geneva.

  • Al Badil al Tahriri (meaning "Alternative Libertaire") is a lebanese group that attended the 1995 anarchist conference at Ruesta, Spain .

    • Here is an appeal for their translation of a book by Daniel Guerin into arabic.

    • News from the Land of Cedars is a 1996 report on the situation in Lebanon by Basina Bassan, a member of Al Badil al Tahriri.

  • The March 1996 conference at Grenoble, France "La Culture Libertaire" reports that an Arabic translation of Jean Maitron's history of the French anarchist movement has been published in Lebanon.

  • Here is a July 1998 article from the Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star on alternative youth culture in Lebanon.

  • Here is the 1998 report by Amnesty International.

  • Summary of the Civil War in Lebanon.

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