• Poemsby the Algerian feminist, Djur Djura.
  • The following anarchist journals were published in Algiers at the end of the nineteenth century.
    • L'Action Revolutionnaire, 1887.
    • Le Tocsin, 1890
    • Le Libertaire, 1892
    • La Marmite Sociale, 1893.
  • When Generalisimo Francisco Franco came to power in 1939, a considerable number of Republicans and Anarchists fled to Algeria. Some anarchists are known to have been living in the city of Oran during the years that followed.
  • 1894-1953, Biography of Sail Mohammed, an anarchist from Algeria.
  • Here is a french language site from Toulouse dedicated to the Algerian born Albert Camus .
  • Here are two articles in French about Algeria from the page of the Belgium based group, Alternative Libertaire .

  • 1953-4, The Algerian, Mohamed Dahou, contributes to several issues of Potlatch the journal of the pre-situationist group, the Lettriste International.
  • Abdelhafid Khatib represents the Algerian section of the Situationist International at the Action Against the International Assembly of Art Critics in Brussels on 12 April 1958. "Vanish, art critics, partial, incoherent and divided imbeciles!…Disperse, fragments of art critics, critics of fragments of art… You have nothing more to say. The Situationist International will leave no place for you. We will starve you out."
  • Address to Revolutionaries of Algeriaby the Situationist International (Algiers, 1965).
  • Class Struggle in Algeriaby the Situationist International (Algiers, 1965).
  • A Critiqueof Daniel Guerin's analysis of events in Algeria by the Situationist International (1966)
  • Here is the conclusionof Daniel Guerin's book, Anarchism

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