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Random Character Generator

You can use this simple program to quickly generate a basic character profile for use in your games. It provides only the most simple information, such as name, age and yogang, but you might find it useful in gaining inspiration for your sixth new character in two hours (curse those CorpSec goons...). From time to time you'll get strange results, like seven year-olds being interested in philosophy and sex, but these are pretty much unavoidable without a degree in computing so you'll have to to just let them pass (i.e. reload to get some different interests).

There are a couple of requirements for this program to function correctly. Firstly, your browser must be JavaScript-enabled (most v3+ browsers are by default). Secondly, you must have a 32-bit browser. 16-bit browsers, such as Netscape3 under Win3.1, have a limit on JavaScript-generated code of 32k, and this page exceeds that. If you think your system meets these requirements but you are still not getting a random profile, please Contact me with details of your browser, operating system and any error messages, and I'll see what I can do to help.

If you like, you can downoad this page to use offline - it'll work exactly the same, with the bonus' of it loading faster and you can use it whenever you like. To do so, please visit the Download Centre. The current version is 1.1 (20th July 2000).

If you do find this useful, I'd really appreciate you letting me know so I know whether to develop this further. Thanks in advance.

Your Random Profile

Home » CyberGeneration » Characterised » Random Character Generator