• Anarchism and Islam from wikipedia. Similarly, an Indonesian anarcist and muslim writes: On Becoming a Muslim Anarchist
  • In 1970, Ali Ghafuri's Yaddasht?ha?’i dar barah-i Nihilism = Nihilisme : nah?girayi, puch?girayi is published in Tehran by Daftar-i Nashr va Farhang-i Islami, on the subject of Nihilism.

  • click here for the Iranian Left Oral History Project.

  • In 1983, the Iranian Anarchists Group is in existance in London.
  • Also during the later 1980s, there was another group of Iranian anarchists active in Essen, Germany. They published a journal in Farsi called Anzane Ezad (or Esane Azad).
  • The Opening in Iranby Bureau of Public Secrets (Berkeley, 1979).
  • A Million Dead, an article on the Iran-Iraq war from London's anarchist magazine,Freedom(September 1988).
  • Avaye Zan,(A Woman's Voice) is an Iranian feminist journal from Sweden. It includes a few articles in English, including a feminist critique of the Mujahedin Khalgh party and another entitled Women in Iran Oppose Ideological Straight-Jackets. Another site on Iranian women's issues is at ZAN.
  • In Jan 1998, Kanun-i Zan va Susiyalism (Centre for Women and Socialism) in Köln, Germany released the quarterly journal, Medusa.
  • Here is A Declaration of Women's Rights in Islamic Societies.

  • RAWA is the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan, who have produced a web page with information in English and Farsi on the struggles of Afghan women.
  • Nakhdar #2 (Spring 2002) an Iranian anarchist journal from Cambridge Massachusetts: page 3
  • information on iranian anarchism at edris

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