Reply to Two Local Wars

Hi stiobhard.
Just few notes in the margins of the long "Two Wars" I wander who is the author of this article. I have to look again in the opening page.

I think that the best way to add to the site the Israelian part is through "interview" of answering questions. Otherwise, I have few megabytes of text...

>> The profound crisis of the American system lies in its inability to
>> produce sufficient profits on the social scale.

Wrong!!! It was not in any kind of crisis. Just the usual uneven internal and external conflicts.

>> It must therefore achieve abroad what it cannot do at home,
>> namely increase the amount of profit in proportion to the amount
>> of existing capital. The propertied class, which also more or less
>> possesses the state, relies on its imperialist enterprises to realize
>> this insane dream. For this class, state-capitalism means death just
>> as much as does communism; that is why it is essentially incapable
>> of seeing any difference between them.

No it was not. Though a competitor and hindrance in the undeveloped countries, the state capitalism masquerading as "communism" was the best protection the capitalist system had against revolutionizing of the metropolis working class - just as the tamed trade union do.

>> The kibbutz was not a revolutionary suppression of Palestinian
>> "feudalism," but a mutualist formula for the self-defense
>> of Jewish worker-settlers against the capitalist exploitative
>> tendencies of the Jewish Agency.

Wrong again. The kibutz movement was the best tool of settler colonialism. It was mainly built for land grubbing and as substitute to industrialisation for accommodating to the Zionist immigrants. They were heavily subsidized by imperialist countries and international jewish capitalists till 1977.

>> into a capitalist economy, an economy of which it itself has become
>> the main owner. It employs more workers than the state itself. It
>> presently constitutes the bridgehead of the imperialist expansion of
>> the new Israeli capitalism. ("Solel Boneh," an important building
>> branch of the Histadrut, invested 180 million dollars in Africa
>> and Asia from 1960-1966 and currently employs 12,000 African workers.)

Out of date. The HIstadrut and "Workers economy" was bankrupt along the eighties and now it is a bit of militant social democratic trade union.

>> As always, war, when not civil, only freezes the process of social
>> revolution. In North Vietnam it has brought about the peasantry's
>> support, never before given, for the bureaucracy that exploits it.
>> In Israel it has killed off for a long time any opposition to Zionism;
>> and in the Arab countries it is reinforcing—temporarily—the
>> most reactionary strata. In no way can revolutionary currents
>> find anything there with which to identify. Their task is at the
>> other pole of the present movement since it must be its absolute negation.

Wrong again. In Israel, the stalinist opposition was not really anti Zionist as even the communist party supported the establishment of Israel.

The emerging libertarian communist organization originated in 1962 start to collect momentum in its clear and consistence opposition to zionism and stalinism. For more than 12 years it was the most significant opposition in israel. (Together with some trotskist and maoist organizations split from it.)

Just for now.

Ilan Shalif